With the continuous strengthening and improvement of China's laws, the traditional mode of trials is undergoing changes, introducing informational means into court trials, embodying the principle of open and transparent "sunshine trials", embodying fair trials, improving the court's judgment of social credibility and realizing, the efficiency trial has become one of the work contents of the construction of courts at all levels in China, and it is also an inevitable trend of the development of the times and social progress.

The video conference system of the Xinjiang Intermediate People's Court was officially put into use through acceptance. This project mainly realizes the construction of a video conference system with the grassroots courts of 8 counties and 1 city (a total of 10 points). The system consists of 10 sets of Sizheng HD video conference omnidirectional microphones and Hikvision million HD video conference cameras, which provides a powerful guarantee for the Xinjiang Intermediate People's Court to improve information construction, improve work efficiency, and build digital courts.

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