Voice Recognition Switch

Discover home voice recognition supplier and manufacturer in SIZHENG from China. The smart voice recognition controller supports non-specific vocal Chinese and English voice offline recognition. It adds a special filtering module to the analog and digital circuits. It can support up to 200 command words through double microphone noise reduction and pickup. Voice recognition in the environment (such as bedroom, study), the system gives a recognition rate of more than 95%. And support touch button control. Home voice recognition needs to wake up before use, speak the wake up word. After receiving feedback from the device, you can say the command word, like turn on the bedroom light, turn off the bedroom light. For different line command words, please refer to the corresponding manual. 
Sizheng home voice recognition used tempered glass 86 panel, standard 86 panel for most wire boxes, boundless tempered glass panel, make your walls more "decent". Speech recognition function up to 95%, up to 5 meters of voice recognition distance, you just need to speak the wake up word, it will bring your light and warm. High sensitivity touch function, ultra sensitive touch unit, through 10000+touch test, touch softly that freedom light and darkness. Our home voice recognition, more than outside, more connotation. Core algorithm superior recognition provide high-definition audio source for voice recognition core and effectively improve speech recognition rate. Dual core wide sound pickup, designed by double microphone design, wide range of radio, highly sensitive microphone core can capture the vocals of the corner. Really pure voice control,  no app, no mobile, no remote control, only voice no need others. Just a simple commend, free control. 
By the way, the home voice recognition is mainly used to control lighting products, etc.. Multi-instruction control, home voice recognition not only can’t be used for lighting switches, curtain control, access control switches, etc., more applications waiting for you to explore.

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