Why Sound Surveillance Is Becoming More And More Important?

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  • Time: 2019-10-22

In the security field, audio systems have long been an important part of security systems. Although more than 70% of network cameras have one-way or multi-directional audio capabilities, there are very few surveillance cameras that actually use audio functions. Analysis of the future audio surveillance market believes that it will maintain a steady growth trend.


In many incidents, we retrieved video materials and found that only the pictures have no sound. All rely on the confession of the parties, which undoubtedly creates obstacles for the public security organs to detect the cases. The public's doubts are difficult to avoid. Adding audio monitoring will undoubtedly solve the problem of questioning and increase the persuasiveness of the evidence.


At present, audio surveillance has been widely used in public facilities. A complete audio monitoring system includes a sound collection part, a voice noise reduction processing part, a network recording part, a voice intercom part, and a sound intelligent analysis part. Scenario analysis of audio monitoring to determine the public scene abnormal behavior, this technology is based on the characteristics of various types of abnormal sounds in the time domain and frequency domain, and the classification method combined with pattern recognition can alarm the abnormal events.

The audio surveillance microphone is the core of the audio monitoring system. For the integrated monitoring of audio and video - the camera is the "eye" and the cctv audio mic is the "ear". The image seen by the eye and the sound heard by the ear are transmitted to the hard disk recorder as a brain through the nervous system such as cable, fiber, and network to form a basic video recording system.




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