Smart Voice Recognition Switch

1. Smart voice recognition controller overview:
Smart voice recognition controller support non-specific vocal Chinese and English speech offline recognition. Add professional filter module in analog and digital circuit, according to dual-microphone noise reduction voice pick up then can support over 200pcs command word, the system shows the reco-gnition rate already arrive more than 95% in some quiet environments like bedroom,study, it also support touch button control. 
2. Smart voice recognition controller parameter:
2.1 Support Zero Fire Wire power supply, 1 road switch control output, each road maximum output current supports 1A.
2.2 Offline voice recognition distance: quite bedroom can arrive 5-7 meters(recognition distance has relationship with environment)
2.3 Touch glass central panel with fingers,can control switch, touch distance 0-3mm.
2.4 Non-specific vocal recognition also customize audio order(more than 200pcs command words).
3. Command words
3.1 Wake up word:Hello Xiaosi!
3.2 Command words:
Open the bedroom light, close the bedroom light;
 Open the study light, close the study light;
Open the  living room light, close the living room light;
Open the dinner room light, close the dinner room light.
3.3 Function Description:
After smart voice recognition controller receive vocal word“Hello Xiaosi”, buzzer makes two short“click”feedbacks, at this moment, the command word can be spoken and each command word is spoken(turning on the bedroom light, turning off the bedroom light, turning on the study light,  turning off the study light), buzzer gives one short“click”feedback, open or close the L1 live wire 220V output accordingly. Smart recognition controller received no wake up words or command words for more than 20 seconds, then enter sleep module. The corre-sponding buzzer emits two short “click” feedbacks, if you need to control you must say awake words again:“Hello Xiaosi”.
4. Smart voice recognition controller appearance size:86*86*32mm
5. Smart voice recognition controller connection construction:
Mark: Smart voice recognition controller is mainly used to control low-power electrical appliances such as lighting products.  It can’t be used to control high-power electrical appliances such as air conditioners, induction cookers,and hot water bottles! !


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