Guangdong Local Railway Co., Ltd. (formerly known as the Guangzhou Railway Bureau Local Railway Management Office and Guangdong Provincial Railway Corporation) was established in 1962 and is affiliated to Guangdong Railway Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd., which is a comprehensive enterprise integrating of railway transportation, engineering design and industrial production, business services and materials supply.

At the beginning of 2015, Guangdong Railway Dispatching Control Room remote network intercom project officially purchased Sizheng NP-VA100D full-duplex voice intercom equipment. The project began to design bids in 2014. After the screening and comparison of multiple rounds, Party A finally decided to choose Sizheng NP-VA100D because of high-definition voice and excellent quality.

The remote network intercom project requirements of the Guangdong Railway Dispatching Control Room require voice intercom calls at each point of the railway front line in the dispatching room. Through the access device and the network dispatching room, the front line can be called to realize full-duplex voice intercom. Requires the intercom equipment to have clear voice and no echo howling.

In the main control room through the network and other devices use the computer to control the DVR, the main control room can directly call any network point (the computer must be installed Sizheng omnidirectional microphone) to facilitate the leadership of the front line work. At the front line, the Sizheng full-duplex voice intercom equipment and the analog camera are connected to the main control room. Synchronized audio and video can easily view the railway scene at any time in the remote control room.

The successful operation of the Guangdong Railway Dispatching Remote Network Intercom Project is a supplement and extension of the original system. Greater efforts have intensified the work content to improve efficiency. The high-quality voice effect of Sizheng audio device has been highly recognized by users.

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