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In our daily life, security always an important part for home, workplace and other different environments, it can protect our safety and provide the main evidence for many cases.

Now, most CCTV cameras only have the video but not sound surveillance cause many times security system can’t provide key details. So audio surveillance products start became the indispensable device in different environments that’s why we committed to development and research the audio area for many years, we already can provide the great audio surveillance products for your requirements.

CCTV microphones, conference microphone and smart voice recognition switch are three types of sound products in Sizheng, audio surveillance microphone also called the audio monitor, security camera microphone, CCTV microphone is one kind of audio monitoring device, it used in surveillance systems, connect with CCTV camera that used to achieve audio and video surveillance synchronization. It’s big progress for security lead to many people want to install this equipment within their surveillance system to arrive the best influence of safety. Especially in banks, courts, hospital and law enforcement authorities, people more likely the device for synchronizing voice with image. Then, conference microphone are generally used in video conferencing systems to pick up people's voice in a meeting, to achieve the effect of a remote conference and record meeting. Along with the development of society, video conference becomes more and more commend, hard video conferencing accessories also popular in conferencing. Smart voice recognition switch for smart home, with the sound you speak that you can control some switches and appliances in your home. Where there is a sound there is Sizheng, we insist our principle from the company established, devoted to developing new products and creating more monitoring products that are more suitable for the security industry.

The choices of audio monitoring devices

Omnidirectional audio monitoring devices are portable conference phone products that not only enable high-quality Internet teleconferencing on the Internet through a computer interface, but also can be used as a speakerphone and microphone hands-free calling device for wireless mobile phones through the headphone jack and high-quality wireless mobile conference calls.
The omnidirectional audio monitoring devices and the unidirectional microphone are very different. The unidirectional microphone generally has a small pickup radius, and the 30cm is large enough. The sound quality of the single person is good near the mouth, because it is not picked up by the far sound. It is. Omnidirectional audio monitoring devices’ general pickup radius is very large, one meter, two meters, three meters and five meters, compared with ten centimeters. This level is very different, it is not just picking up a person's voice, but multiple people , five six, seven eight or even ten. The sensitivity of the unidirectional microphone is limited to a certain range, and the sensitivity is too high, which may cause sharp whistling and the like, involving many other devices, and is suitable for single-person service. The sensitivity of the omnidirectional audio devices is very high, the omnidirectional microphone pickup radius is too large, and more environmental noise is picked up, so the sound quality is not as good as the single-point microphone, suitable for collective use. In addition, single-point wheat generally supports local amplification. Omnidirectional audio monitoring devices generally do not support local amplification.
Therefore, the following points should be noted when purchasing audio monitoring devices.
First, the purpose may affect the purchase of the microphone. Professional audio equipment stores have special microphones for singing and live broadcasting. Their effects are different. If there are no special requirements, the reverberation is almost the same, and the noise is small.
Second, see if it is suitable for a mobile phone or a computer microphone. Different mobile phones, Android, Apple and other matching microphones have different options. If you want to purchase a separate microphone, you need to know whether your computer allows the plug-in and familiar operation methods. Third, find out if you need a wireless or wired microphone. The wireless microphone is easy to operate, and the user is also free. The wired microphone has a certain length with limitation, which sometimes may be inconvenient, but each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and should be carefully considered when selecting.
Third, see if you need a moving microphone or an electret microphone. The dynamic microphone has better sound quality and feels comfortable in the hand, but the price is slightly higher than the electret microphones which are more durable and more common.
Fourth, try to buy in the physical store that can guarantee quality. Some of the online purchases might be cheap, but the quality is difficult to guarantee. During the try out, if there is no special noise in the switch microphone, the sound is clear and the fidelity is good, then your purchase is quite successful.
Last, when choosing a microphone, pay attention to whether there is a leak in the workmanship. Meticulous workmanship may affect the reverberation level of the audio monitoring devices. In comparison, the quality of the microphone that looks more beautiful should be good.

Description of audio monitoring devices

A pickup, one of the audio monitoring devices, is a device used to collect live sounds and transmit them to a back-end device. A pickup is an electro acoustic instrument that reduces noise and amplifies sound by receiving sound vibrations. The PeakFire series is divided into active and passive type. In the past few years, with the wide application of electrets, the ''active'' pickups have gradually surpassed the ''passive'' pickups, and they are becoming more and more popular. Only about 95% of ordinary guitars use a magnetic pickup. According to the occasion, it is divided into the teaching pickup head and the monitoring pickup head, which are divided into wired transmission and wireless transmission according to the transmission mode. The monitoring pickup is an accessory for collecting live sounds. It is usually equipped with a video server, an audio capture card or a hard disk recorder to realize the collection of audio and video on site. Audio monitoring devices are widely used in interrogation systems, banking systems, and prison systems.
The traditional analog pickup head picks up the sound through the microphone, passes through the frequency selective network, the amplified noise reduction network with the NE5532 chip as the core device, and the automatic feedback network, which achieves effective reduction of sound pickup, amplification and noise reduction functions.
Video surveillance has occupied an absolute position in the security industry for many years, and the audio surveillance market has long been ignored. The main reason is that the filtering process of noise is difficult to solve, and the market is full of a large number of inexpensive pickups. After countless years of technical research, Fenghuo network developers have solved the noise floor and the environmental noise problem.
Audio monitoring devices integrates advanced noise processing, echo processing, and long-distance transmission drive circuits to meet the higher standards and special needs of security engineering, faithfully recording and restoring the scene with its high-fidelity sound quality.
The biggest technical difficulty solved by the pickup is that while the sensitivity of the microphone is increased, the noise introduced will be greatly increased, resulting in unclear and unclear pickup. TRADIO electro-acoustic experts solved the noise control problem that plagued the audio surveillance industry.
In addition, the pickup/pickup head also skillfully solves the problem of noise attenuation and noise increase caused by long-distance transmission of sound.
Digital pickups are at the forefront of development, and the biggest difference between digital pickups and analog pickups is the addition of clock circuits, memory and digital processors. For example, the new digital pickup head introduced by PeakFire converts the analog signal into a digital signal through a software system, and then performs Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) and digital filtering on the digital signal, thereby converting the time domain signal into the frequency domain signal, which is processed accordingly, such as ambient noise reduction, acoustic echo canceler, frequency band equalization processing, and the like, achieving complete elimination of noise and restore vocals.
The method of judging the digital pickup and the analog pickup is that, in a noisy environment or by playing a noise source, the following noise is generated: white noise, single tone, etc. If it is an analog pickup, the noise level will be recorded. It remains the same; the digital audio monitoring devices will recognize the noise within 1 to 2 seconds and suppresses the sound.

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