Building a harmonious society and safe city requires strong technical support and guarantee. The audio surveillance system is playing an increasingly important role in ensuring urban order and citizens' personal safety.

The audio monitoring system of the People's Procuratorate of Xinxing County in Yunfu City has been used for many years. From the interrogation room to the monitoring room, a large number of voice monitoring and cameras are used. The aging of the equipment leads to frequent system failures, and the monitoring equipment needs to be updated in time.

In order to implement scientific and technological inspections, promote information construction, and continuously improve and upgrade the level of electronic inspections, the district procuratorate has proposed the replacement and upgrade of audio and video monitoring equipment in multiple interrogation rooms and monitoring rooms, and promoted the interrogation system to high definition and intelligence. The development of the district will help the district procuratorate to build an applicable audio-visual monitoring system that is adaptable to the needs of modern science and technology management and development, with obvious advancement, forward-looking and powerful scalability.

Based on this, recently, the People's Procuratorate of Xinxing County of Yunfu City purchased the first 16 high-fidelity CCTV microphones of the model COTT-C7 from Sizheng for the update of the aging audio surveillance equipment to ensure the normal operation of the monitoring system.

Sizheng COTT-C7 high-fidelity CCTV microphone features has high fidelity, high sensitivity, low noise, etc. It effectively reduces the serious echo of the open room by using echo cancellation cavity, providing clear and high-quality audio signal output, and built-in latest DNP and the DSP digital processing unit can completely eliminate the “hiss” electronic noise. It is a CCTV microphone and security product designed for the simultaneous monitoring and recording of the public, inspection and law industries. It has super high cost performance and is the first choice for synchronous recording and video recording.

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