The Difference Between Video Conference Microphone and Unidirectional Microphone

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  • Time: 2019-09-29

The video conference system is composed of a video conference terminal MCU, a video conference camera, a video conference display, a conference room microphone and other device. The price of a complete video conferencing device is relatively high, and people will spend more on microphones and video conferencing cameras to reduce costs. As we all know, video conferencing is mainly interactive communication by video and audio, we need clear image quality and high fidelity sound.

Video conferencing microphones are the first choice for reducing expenses. Used some unidirectional microphones for video conferencing, as long as the other party can see and hear the sound, it doesn't matter if the microphone is omnidirectional or unidirectional. Actually not, let's talk about the difference between omnidirectional microphone with unidirectional microphone.

Omni-directional microphone can be placed in the center of the conference desktop for 360-degree sound collection. Anyone sitting at the conference table can speak, and the unidirectional microphone only points in one direction, which is the individual who needs to be aligned, low flexibility.  

The conference room microphone pickup radius is about 3-5 meters, but the unidirectional pickup range is only a few tens of centimeters, video conference microphone also has high sensitivity than unidirectional microphone.

However, if the range of sound collection is wide, the surrounding noise will also be collected, and the sound quality will not be as good as that of the unidirectional microphone. In order to improve this problem, the designer sets a noise reduction algorithm, and adds a noise reduction function to make the conference room microphone achieved low noise in large video conferences, allowing participant to listen to high-fidelity, high-definition sound quality. Most of video conference microphone has pickup and playback functions, so there is no demands to configure speaker, mixer and other equipment to reduce the cost of the entire conference room, becoming the preferred equipment for small conferences.





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