Frequently Asked Questions

1.Can the power of the camera be shared with the CCTV Microphone?

Two ways to CCTV microphone the power supply of the camera. First, a single 12V2A power supply supplies power to the camera and the CCTV microphone at the same time. This can be used, but it may introduce strong current interference or electromagnetic interference from the camera to the CCTV Microphone, so it is not recommended the customer uses this, it is best to separate the CCTV microphone and the camera separately. Second, the centralized power supply 12V5A, 10A, 20A, 30A, a centralized power supply to a plurality of cameras, centralized power supply is generally used to switch power supply, will be introduced to the CCTV Microphone a lot of noise, usually under normal circumstances, it is not recommended that the customer supply power to the camera together with the camera. The customer should be guided to separate the camera and the CCTV Microphone. The camera can be powered by the switching power supply, but the CCTV microphone can’t  be powered by the switching power supply. Switching power supply is a contraindication for CCTV microphones. It is recommended to use a regulated power supply for centralized power supply.

2. Can the CCTV microphone be connected to the camera?

First understand whether the customer's camera is analog or network digital. The analog camera does not have an audio input port,only the network camera has an audio input port. However, it should be noted that the current network camera only has an audio input port in the middle and high end, and the ordinary network camera does not support audio input. First of all, what brand of network camera is used by customers? The audio input is supported or not, and then the audio port of this network camera is supported or not: LINE IN (linear input). If it is not supported, only MIC IN (microphone input) is supported, then we cannot connect to our conventional active pickup. Only passive CCTV microphones can be connected; if the customer is using an analog camera, then the audio signal of the CCTV microphone should be connected to the audio input port of the back-end DVR.

3. After the CCTV microphone is connected to the camera, the noise and current are loud?

Understand whether the customer is using a switching power supply, it is best to recommend the customer to install our power adapter; what cable is used by the customer as the transmission of the audio signal, distance and proximity, and whether there is a shield, there are no transformers, lamps around the wiring strong electromagnetic interference such as rectifier; the back end of the CCTV microphone  is MIC or LINE, and the position of the terminal is inserted.

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