With the rapid development of computer networks and electronic technologies, audio and video surveillance has entered an intelligent era. Intelligent examination room for the strict "Examination Rules" of the campus examination room. The monitoring system can greatly reduce the cheating behavior of candidates and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the examination of the examination room.

The intelligent examination room monitoring system integrates the advanced digital audio and video transmission technology, intelligent analysis technology and multi-function monitoring system, which can be multi-modal and multi-directional.The test site is monitored, and a high-definition video monitoring interface is provided, a friendly software interface, stable, large-capacity storage, powerful video on-demand capability, and simultaneous monitoring by multiple users.

Recently, Sizheng is providing 130pcs COTT-S5 CCTV microphones to the third middle school examination hall of Huichang County, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province.

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