Development and Future of CCTV Audio Surveillance Microphone

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  • Time: 2018-09-13

The continuous development of technology has created our life now. We have not been able to do it. We have brought more and more privacy risks to our lives. We seem to have become "naked people" in the Internet age. Security equipment is also nurtured and developed in such an environment, so Sizheng Technology concentrates on research and development to solve the security problems in our lives. Dedicated to maintaining the safety of everyone with audio monitoring pickups.

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The importance of audio surveillance microphone equipment development in the use of the judiciary

In many incidents, we retrieved video materials and found that only the pictures have no sound. All rely on the confession of the parties, which undoubtedly creates obstacles for the public security organs to detect the cases. The public's doubts are difficult to avoid. Adding audio monitoring will undoubtedly solve the problem of questioning and increase the persuasiveness of the evidence.

The large-scale use of domestic audio monitoring began with the procuratorate system. In 2005, the Supreme People's Procuratorate required the simultaneous recording and recording of crimes in the investigation of duty crimes, which promoted the continuous improvement of the quality and ability of the police officers. It is conducive to respecting and safeguarding the human rights of the subjects being questioned (inquiring), and is also conducive to regulating the law enforcement behavior of investigators, and effectively embodying the credibility of the investigation. At the same time, the pre-trial system of the Public Security Bureau and the court trial work have been implemented nationwide. Simultaneous recording and video recording realized the harmonious integration of the effect of handling cases, legal effects and social effects, promoted safer norms and effectively punish crimes, and the importance of audio monitoring was fully affirmed. The 2008 Shanghai Yang Jia assault on the police is a tragedy worth pondering. The people's police have always been pushed to the forefront of the intricate contradictions of social reforms, and it is easy to intensify the contradictions and put themselves in great risks. If the comprehensive monitoring of the law enforcement process is strengthened and the level of civilized law enforcement is raised, this tragedy can be completely avoided. Therefore, audio and video surveillance not only strengthens the law enforcement supervision of public security organs, but also effectively safeguards the legitimate rights and interests of the people's police.

Hospitals, schools, karaoke bars, Internet cafes, community gates, bazaars, parking lots, etc. are frequent areas of public security incidents, and also a key area for monitoring. Although some video surveillance equipment is installed, sound monitoring is still a blank. In recent years, frequent vicious incidents in schools across the country have made the campus's security protection a top priority for government work. Key areas such as campus gates and playgrounds are the key points of safety monitoring. In 2017, the Yulin maternal fall event, the tragedy occurred, the hospital and the family members each insisted on the word, this event was once fermented on the Internet, because the monitoring screen has no sound, the netizens joined My own subjective guess, some accuse the hospital, and some accuse the family. Therefore, hospitals should be equipped with surveillance pickups (audio surveillance microphone) in the installation of dispute-prone places. Audio and video surveillance is the best means to deal with emergencies in a timely manner. Audio surveillance microphone provides better enforcement of civilized law enforcement and collection of evidence of law enforcement. The protection of the civilized law enforcement, law enforcement and evidence collection can play a very important role.

Urban street monitoring and use to maintain public environmental safety

With the increasingly strict requirements of urban street safety, urban street surveillance has emerged in abundance, and the awareness and automation of urban street monitoring has become more and more advanced. Establish a street security control command center, install and monitor the main roads of the streets, residential areas and other public places. Once there are unexpected incidents such as natural disasters or social security, they will be sent back to the upper level and the police station in the first time. . The government attaches great importance to the safety of urban streets. In order to promote and standardize the implementation of urban street safety regulations, and strengthen the safety management of urban street personnel, many regulations have been introduced. In order to solve the problems in urban street management, the illegal operation of urban streets is eliminated, and safety accidents are effectively prevented.

As a professional service company in the security audio surveillance microphone industry, the perfect service system makes Sizheng's business far ahead of other industry peers in the fields of public security inspection, medical education, financial securities, and government administrative units. To realize the diversification and comprehensive development of audio monitoring equipment, we need the technological advancement of every security manufacturer to realize the continuous improvement of the security industry, and at the same time constantly improve our technical level in the competition! In the future, Sizheng will always adhere to its own autonomy. R & D and innovation as the core driving force, and strive to create an "aircraft carrier" for China's audio research and development, to create a safe and beautiful life with technology!




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