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Where to buy cctv microphones? Do not hesitate, Sizheng is a good choice for you. As we all know, many companies produced CCTV cameras and part of cctv camera’s accessories but few companies specialized in CCTV microphone kits, but we are the professional voice monitors manufacturer. 
Security camera microphones is our main product, by usage environment, audio surveillance microphone can be divided into CCTV microphone outdoor and CCTV microphone indoor; according to product performance, it can distinguish omnidirectional microphones and directional microphones.
The CCTV microphone is a device for pickup the sound of the live environment and then transmitting it by electric signal to the back end device like DVR or NVR. Surveillance microphone is composed of a mic (microphone) and an audio amplifier circuit, directivity, sound pick up range and sensitivity are three important points of Audio surveillance microphone. Sizheng normal CCTV microphone is three wire interface, but we also have RCA interface and some Mic in interface, you can according to your CCTV cameras to choose the right interface. Surveillance microphone has different power supply mode, powered separately and powered with the cctv camera, the best way is to use professional power supply, it can reduce the noise and made voice more clearly. Sound monitoring are sound sensing device, many people will ask can CCTV microphone connect to CCTV camera directly? Here is the point that analog CCTV microphone can’t connect, the digital cctv camera needs to connect the Audio In interface cctv camera. We also produce the passive microphone for MIc in cctv cameras. Audio surveillance microphone has five series that can used in different environments and different quality level, customer should know about surveillance microphone more clearly before they purchase to prevent the occurrence of cctv audio mic product anomaly, no sound or echo.

Defintion of CCTV mic

CCTV mic is a device that can communicate with each other across windows. They are commonly used in banks and also suitable for business, taxation, insurance companies, payment, mobile services, telecommunications, customs, hospitals and other places. Its mainframe is metallic in and uses a metal extension.

CCTV audio mic has a wide range of functions that shall not be underestimated. It can achieve fully automatic one-to-one two-way intercom without buttons. Even though the conversation and the external microphone have been placed in the extension. The microcomputer processing circuit has a squelch function and completely solves the echo and howling.

The high-performance conference CCTV audio mic integrated with the main unit makes the playback more realistic, clearer and louder. In addition, the volume inside and outside of the system can be adjusted separately, and can be individually switched, and there is only one connection inside and outside, which is easy to set up. In addition, it cooperates with the LBW series host to monitor the call of each window in real time. The sound is realistic and clear, and there is no notice at the window (for president’s monitoring). With the LBW series host, the window intercom host can also be uttered. The external extension has no awareness (for the president to interject).

There is a recording jack, which can output internal and external dual-channel sound signals (cooperated with bank teller system, monitoring equipment, Laibang voice card and other equipment recording).

The basic parameters of Cc are as follows. The ideal pickup distance is within 500mm. The main unit size is 150x80x55mm (LxWxH). The extension size is ¢64x18mm (DxH) and the microphone length is 360mm.

Its technology includes the following features such as double-layer circuit board (domestic only) design, using patch technology with squelch function, and completely solving the echo and howling. Both the main unit and the extension are made of all-metal materials, which are opened separately and has a silver appearance. Various colors can be customized according to customer needs. A high-performance conference CCTV audio mic is integrated with the main unit. Fully automatic one-to-one two-way intercom with no need to press the button, the volume inside and outside the system is adjusted separately with separate switch when there is only one connection inside and outside.

CCTV mic is also equipped with extension volume control, host volume control, internal indicator, external indicator, internal switch (MIC1), external switch (MIC2), power switch (POWER), power indicator, microphone, extension cable jack ( OUT), internal microphone jack (MIC), recording jack (REC), power jack (POWER), LBW main unit (optional) and digital recording system (optional)

While installing, first, install the main unit in the working room. The extension is installed outside the working room (usually stuck 30cm above the transfer tray), and plug the extension cable into the extension cable of the main unit. Hole, insert the DC12V transformer into the 220V mains power supply, plug the DC12V into the power jack of the main unit, then turn on the power switch of the main unit so that the power indicator light is on, which indicates that the power supply of the unit is working. Then press the internal switch 5 and the external switch 6, then the upper two green lights are on, and the work room can talk in both directions, that is, the two-way intercom, what’s more, if the voice of the staff inside is expanded from the outside extension and vice versa.


The use of CCTV audio mic

The Omnidirectional CCTV audio mic is a portable conference phone product that not only enables high-quality Internet teleconferencing over the Internet through a computer interface, but also a speakerphone and microphone hands-free calling device via a headphone jack for high-quality wireless mobile conference calls. It is classic and easy to carry. The microphone pickup direction can be selected according to the conference scene, which is appropriate for use in conference rooms and offices.

CCTV mic is light, classic and easy to carry. The structural design is tight and strong to ensure quality. Full-duplex new technology makes the conference call clear. Supports computer internet teleconferencing, wireless mobile conference calls, CCTV microphone outdoor, music playback and recording of computers or mobile phones. The USB interface is driver-free, enabling instant plug and play. The USB bus provides power and is simple and convenient.

CCTV mic can be used as an external microphone and speaker device for computers, and can also be used for computer network conference calls.

During the conference call, if the speaker volume is too low or too high, you can press the “Volume Up” or “Volume Down” button on the unit to adjust the appropriate volume to meet the requirements. If you feel that it is not enough, you can adjust the volume of the speaker on the computer.

During the conference call, if the other party thinks the sound is too low or too loud, you can first ask the other party to adjust the level of the receiving volume to meet the requirements. If you feel that it is not enough, you can adjust the volume of the microphone volume of the local computer.

If you want to mute your voice, press the host "Mic Mute" button. At the same time, the host's microphone mute indicator will illuminate and the enabled microphone indicator will also go out. At this time, you can only hear the other party's voice, and the other party can't hear your voice; if you want to unmute, please press the "microphone mute" button again to resume the call immediately. The host's microphone mute indicator will be turned off and the enabled microphone indicator will also illuminate.

In addition, three CCTV mics are enabled by default when the power is turned on. At this time, pressing the “MIC ZONE” button will turn on the pickup direction of the microphone in sequence. Press this button for the first time, the second time, and the third time, from left to right. Enable a single microphone clockwise, then continue to press and return to the original process. The CCTV mic that is enabled in the three microphones, the corresponding microphone indicator will light up. Note: When the microphone is muted, you cannot enable the microphone, you need to unmute the function, and then turn on the microphone.

Finally, press the “Speaker Mute” button to temporarily turn off the speaker sound. At this time, the speaker mute indicator will turn on. To turn on the speaker sound, press this button again, and the speaker mute indicator will go out.

According to the computer network phone software operation method, hang up the call with the other party, and the network conference call ends. If the function is abnormal during use, please re-plug the USB data cable to turn the unit off.


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