Tibet Bank, the only joint-stock commercial bank in the Tibet Autonomous Region of the People's Republic of China, officially opened in Lhasa on 22th May, 2012, raising a share capital of 1.5 billion yuan, ending the history of Tibet without a local corporate bank, it plays an active role in promoting the economic development of the Tibet Autonomous Region.

As the main circulation place of the current currency and an important part of the national economic operation, the bank provides a wide range of services for various industries, the business involves a large amount of cash, valuable securities and valuables. It's importance determines that the bank belongs to the first-level risk unit, have many facilities, complicated personnel, and a wide range of management areas, preventing and containing violent crimes and reducing financial risks, has always been the top priority of the security center of the monitoring center. As a leading monitoring product supplier and smart city monitoring management platform solution provider, Sizheng has been committed to providing the best equipment and solutions for the financial industry. Sizheng Financial Bank solution, based on the characteristics of high bank safety factor, integrates front-end equipment, monitoring center and client, and uses intelligent analysis control module to meet the ever-increasing security requirements of the financial system and create first-class monitoring and management center.

According to the General Manager of Sizheng Technology Co., Ltd., the monitoring project of Tibet Bank not only achieves monitoring and alarming, but also meets the requirements of security and prevention. At the same time, it is integrated with the bank management system and becomes an important tool for internal management of banks. Such as front-end cameras, CCTV Microphones, etc., responsible for the collection, storage and transmission of video and audio data and alarm information in the business hall, and the use of non-delayed lossless video sources in important occasions such as counters to achieve optimal video surveillance effects; intelligent monitoring center can realize people face recognition, legacy/appearance/disappearance, and other identification alarms, personnel falling to the ground, \lying land\staying, etc., when the specified threshold is reached, will trigger an alarm, etc., to prevent problems before they occur. The project uses the Sizheng digital audio monitoring, which is high-fidelity and noise-free within 10-300 square meters.

Sizheng Technology is advancing at a strong pace, gradually extending from the audio surveillance field to the IP network intercom system and network video conferencing system. From product design and development to the construction of a software system platform, Sizheng is developing in an orderly manner covering most of China. At present, Guangzhou Sizheng has set up offices in the Southwest, East China and Central China, with more than 300 dealers in various provinces and cities across the country. The perfect service system makes Sizheng's business far ahead of other industry players in the fields of public inspection, education, finance, and government.

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