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Your ideal audio surveillance supplier - Sizheng over 10 years in supplying in audio monitoring devices, microphones and smart home switches. Our products mainly include CCTV microphone, video conference microphone and voice recognition switch. Choose Sizheng, we will do our satisfactory for your profitable business.

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Guangzhou Sizheng Electronic Co., LTD., founded in 2010, and be the audio frequency solution provider of Chinese industry-leading at present, selling different audio surveillance for CCTV cameras and related products. As a domestic real audio scheme developer, Sizheng is committed to provide users with the most conforms to the actual demand plan and products. At present, Sizheng products and solutions have been used by more than 6000 companies in China and abroad.

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Sizheng as an expert conference microphone manufacturer with greater than 300 dealers in a number of provinces and cities across the country. Our best service device makes enterprise far beforehand of other industry friends in the fields of public security inspection, medical education, monetary securities, and government administrative units. Choose audio monitoring devices, feel free to choose Sizheng!


Examination System

Xinjiang intermediate people's court

Bank of Tibet

People's Procuratorate of Xinxing County

Railway dispatch control room

Tianjin bureau of industry and commerce




Sizheng is a leading cctv microphone manufacturer for 10 years. Our products cover with various CCTV microphone, video conference microphone and voice recognition switch. News can let you understanding our company and products application well.

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